Campbell, Siobhán

Siobhan Campbell
Siobhan Campbell. Image source

Siobhán Campbell was born in Dublin.

Her collections are The Permanent Wave (Belfast, The Blackstaff Press, 1996); The Cold That Burns (The Blackstaff Press, 2000). and Cross-Talk (Cardiff, Seren, 2009).

She has also published two chapbooks, That Water Speaks in Tongues (Derbyshire, Templar, 2008); and Darwin Among the Machines (Powys, Rack Press, 2009).

A She spent a number of years in New York and San Francisco and worked as Director of Wolfhound Press before joining the Faculty at Kingston University in London where she Principal Lecturerworks and Course Leader of its MFA in Creative Writing.

Siobhán Campbell at Kingston University
Siobhán Campbell at Munster Literature Centre

Siobhán Campbell at The National Library of Ireland

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