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Corinne Browne
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Corinne de Laittre Browne, who writes under the name Corinne Browne, was born in 1945 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Her non-fiction includes Body Shop, Recovering from Vietnam (New York, Stein & Day 1971); Confessions of a Fish Doctor [with Scott Brodie] (New York, Workmen Press, 1976); Time Bomb: Understanding the Threat of Nuclear Power (New York, William Morrow 1980); and Casualty (New York, WW Norton 1981).

She wrote the original story for the CBS film Leap of Faith (1988), and is currently finishing two novels, and two filmscripts. Her novel Billy’s Bay is listed in catalogues as published by Zoland (Cambridge, MA, 2001), but due to unforeseen circumstances it has not yet been released.

She divides her time between the US and Ireland.

*listed because of strong connection with Ireland

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