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Dermot Bolger was born in Finglas, North Dublin, in 1959.

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He founded Raven Arts Press, Dublin, where he was editor from 1979 to 1992.

His novels are Night Shift, (Kerry, Brandon Books, 1982); The Woman’s Daughter, (Dublin, Raven Arts Press, 1987, revised and enlarged edition by Penguin, London 1991); The Journey Home (London,Viking, 1990/University of Texas Press, 2008); Emily’s Shoes, (Viking, 1992); A Second Life (London, Penguin, 1994); Father’s Music (London, Flamingo, 1997); Temptation (Flamingo,2000); The Valparaiso Voyage (Flamingo, 2001); The Family on Paradise Pier (London, 4th Estate, 2005); The Fall of Ireland (a novella, New Island Books, 2013); Tanglewood (New Island Books, 2015); and The Lonely Sea and Sky (New Island Books, 2016).

He has also published a novel for teenagers, New Town Soul (Dublin, Little Island, 2010).

His plays are The Lament for Arthur Cleary*, (Dublin, The Project Theatre, 1989); Blinded by the Light, (Dublin, The Abbey Theatre, Peacock stage, 1990); In High Germany* (Dublin, The Gate Theatre,1990); The Holy Ground* (The Gate Theatre, 1990); One Last White Horse (The Peacock, 1991) [*Penguin Books, London, as A Dublin Quartet, 1992]; Greatest Hits, One Act Plays (New Island Books, 1997); April Bright/Blinded by the Light (Dublin, The Peacock Stage, and London, Nick Hern Books, 1997);The Passion of Jerome (The Peacock, 1999; Methuen, London, 1999); From These Green Heights (AXIS – Ballymun Arts and Community Resource Centre, 2004; Dublin, New Island Books, 2005); and Walking the Road, (Tallaght, Civic Theatre, 2007).

His Ballymun plays have been published as The Ballymun Trilogy (New Island Books, 2010).

His poetry collections include The Habit of Flesh, 1980; Finglas Lillies, 1981; No Waiting America, 1982; all published by Raven Arts Press; Internal Exiles, (Dublin, Dolmen, 1986;) Leinster Street Ghosts (Raven Arts Press,1989); Taking My Letters Back, New and Selected Poems (Dublin, New Island Books, 1998); The Chosen Moment (Dublin, New Island Books, 2004 [limited signed edition, Oxford, Joe McCann, 2004]); External Affairs (New Island Books, 2008); and The Venice Suite (New Island Books, 2012).

He has edited numerous books, including the seminal A Bright Wave/AnTonn Gheal (Raven Arts Press, 1989); Invisible Dublin (Raven Arts Press (1985); Ireland In Exile (New Island Books, 1993); Letters from The New Island (Raven Arts Press, 1995); Finbar’s Hotel (New Island Books, 1997); its sequel, Ladies Night at Finbar’s Hotel (Picador, 1999); and The Picador Book of Contemporary Irish Fiction (Picador, 1993).

He has also written several film scripts.

His numerous awards include the Samuel Beckett Award, 1990, the Æ Memorial Award, 1996; and The Stuart Parker BBC Award 1990.

He is a member of Aosdána, and lives in Dublin.

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Dermot has worked with numerous South Dublin writers during his time as Writer in Residence, both through workshops and in editing County Lines.

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