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Michael Augustin
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Michael Augustin was born in Lübeck, Germany in 1953.

He has published several collections of poetry, including Der Apfel der Versuchung war ungespritzt (Eichborn 1983); Koslowsky (Nautilus/Nemo Press, 1987), translated as A Certain Koslowski, by Margitt Lehbert, and which was published in the UK by Littlewood Arc in 1992, with illustrations by Harmut Eïng; Ach und Krach (Edition Temmen 1992); Der Polarstern ist durchgebrannt (Edition Temmen, 1993); Klein-Klein (Edition Temmen 1994); Mehr Nicht! (2000); Ad Infinitum, Poems and Epigrams (a German/Irish/English Selected, translated by Hans-Christian Oeser and Gabriel Rosenstock, Baile Átha Cliath, Coiscéim, 2001); Das perfekte Glueck (2001); Kleines Brimborium (2003); Der Chinese aus Stockelsdorf (2005); and Mickle Makes Muckle (trans. Sujata Bhatt, Dublin, The Dedalus Press, 2007).

Some of his books have been translated into Irish, English, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Dutch.
He has received many prizes, including the Friedrich Hebbel Prize (1977); the Kurt Magnus Prize (1982); a bursary of the Stichting Culturele Uitwisseling, Amsterdam (1986); and the Media Prize of the Stiftung Ostdeutscher Kulturat (1997).

He is Honorary Fellow in Writing of the University of Iowa. In 2003/3 he was Writer-in-Residence at Dickinson College (USA) where he also taught as a visiting professor.
He is a broadcaster with Radio Bremen where he edits the weekly radio documentary and presents a regular poetry program. He has translated prose, poems and plays by Peter Sheridan, Bill Morrison, Simon Gray, Raymond Carver, Pearse Hutchinson, Matthew Sweeney, Sujata Bhatt, Kenneth Koch, Adrian Mitchell, Adrian Henri and Roger McGough.

He studied literature and folklore in Dublin in the 1970s and is a regular visitor to Ireland.
He lives in Bremen.

*listed because of strong connection with Ireland

Semana Poetica VII – Michael Augustin

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Augustin reading excerpts from his poem “Some Questions Regarding Poetry.”

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