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James Joyce
James Joyce, by Alex Ehrenzweig, 1915

Irish Writers Online is a no-frills bio-bibliographical database of at present some 660 Irish writers, and related resources. It is used by students, academics, media and lovers of Irish Literature from more than 170 countries.
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Contacting writers

Please note that a comment form beneath the entry for a writer is not an email address for that writer, as some visitors believe. Alas, I am not in contact with the vast majority of the writers listed. However if you write to me from the Contact page I will do what I can to point you in the right direction. In general, the best thing to do is contact a writer’s publisher. See Irish Publishers which may help in this regard.


Philip Casey

Philip Casey

My name is Philip Casey and apart from being a novelist and poet, I’m the begetter and maintainer of Irish Writers Online. You can read my Irish Writers Online entry here


This is a democratic and inclusive website. Provided the body of a writer’s work fulfills the above criteria, there is no intention to exclude anyone.

If someone is not in IWO, it merely means that I am one person with limited spare time and have either unintentionally overlooked, or have been unaware of the omitted writer.

If you think a writer should be included, please contact me, but read the criteria for inclusion first. If you have information on a writer, so much the better – send it. I would appreciate if you studied the format before sending information.

Criteria for Inclusion

At least one published poetry or short story collection, novel, play or script (not vanity published) or if it’s a play or film, produced professionally. Electronically published books should have an imprint and ISBN.

Please read some sample entries to get an idea of the bare bones format. Essentially: Name, place of birth, year of birth (optional) books, place of publication, publisher, year. Any awards, where living now (optional). Do include your website address if you have one. It’s helpful to mention your discipline or disciplines ie novelist, poet, or novelist and poet, etc.

For those who do not understand Irish,

file means poet; drámadóir means dramatist; and úrscéalaí means novelist.They are used here to denote a writer who writes primarily or exclusively in Irish.